1. KVIS-ISB Student Research Collaboration Program

StudentScientists.Org established the KVIS-ISB Student Research Collaboration Program in 2017. The program has been successful in turning science students into student scientists!

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) is a selective STEM-focused boarding school, founded by PTT (), located in Rayong Thailand.  International School Bangkok (ISB) is an international school located in Bangkok, Thailand. The program pairs ISB grade 12 students with KVIS grade 10 students to conduct research and submit their findings for review and publication in the International Scholastic Journal of Science (  The program’s aim is to benefit both ISB and KVIS students through developing their experimental research skills and offering them the opportunity to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

ISB students have extensive experience designing, conducting, and reporting on experimental research in their high school science courses.  KVIS students are just starting on their journey to becoming scientists. The ISB students, older and more experienced, act as mentors to the KVIS students as they work together to design and conduct original, entry-level research on a topic over the course of several weekends.  Upon completion of the research, they submit their findings to ISJOS for review. If their research is accepted by the journal, the students work with ISJOS editors to draft and revise a paper for publication.

ISB and KVIS students conducting research on the drag forces on a car driving through flooded streets   Students who successfully published papers in ISJOS were invited to present their papers at Siam Physics Congress 2018,

Both ISB and KVIS students benefit greatly from this StudentScientists.Org program.  ISB students benefit from the experience of mentoring budding scientists in the research process, and from experiencing the journal review process and then working with an ISJOS Editor to write a scientific paper based on their findings.  The KVIS students have their first experience in scientific research. They learn about the simultaneous need for creativity and rigor in refining a research topic, designing the experimental methods, and then conducting the experiment and analyzing the data.  They also experience the review and publication process, along with their ISB partners.

If you are interested in developing a research and publishing program similar to this at your school, please contact us at .

2. Chulabhorn Scholastic Journal of Science

The Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools (PCSHS) is a group of 12 regional high schools in Thailand established in 1993 with the goal of developing young Thai scientists. All PCSHS students in Matayom 5 (Grade 11) conduct an original experimental research project. Student research regularly results in valid, reliable findings which could be of value to others if published. In June, 2018 StudentScientists.Org began working with PCSHS to establish a scientific journal publishing the work of Chulabhorn students.

The Chulabhorn Scholastic Journal of Science (CSJOS), was established in January, 2019, as an online, open-access, reviewed scientific journal publishing the research findings of PCSHS students. The Editor of the CSJOS is a PCSHS teacher appointed to establish and run the journal. A Coordinator has been appointed at each school to promote the journal among staff and students. Reviewers are selected from among professors at universities that collaborate with the PCSHS schools. StudentScientists.Org was engaged by PCSHS to train the Editor, Coordinators, and Reviewers, to promote the Journal among the students and to educate the students on the publishing process.

The Thai and English versions of the first paper published in CSJOS. They can be read in full at

If your school or institution is interested in establishing a scientitic journal like the Chulabhorn Scholastic Journal of Science to publish the research of your students, please contact StudentScientists.Org to see how we can help.